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Awesome Judo Software (AJS) will help you in running a judo federation and organising a judo competitions. We completely adapt the program to your requirements and needs.


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About our program

In order to track the judokas from the first step on the mat to the end of their sports career, we have created a program that keeps absolutely all the data from each competition.

Responsive web design

Our program is completely adaptable to all devices and you can access it from any phone, computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.

Unlimited memory

To make the program even faster and better, we use the cloud for unlimited storage of documents, photos, results, etc.

24/7 support

We can do everything you want to make the work of the Judo Federation easier for you. We are completely at your disposal for all your needs and problems.

User panel

The Judo Federation management will perform all tasks with one click through our user panel.

Emails and backups

With our system administrators, your data and emails are completely secure. Backup emails are done every day.

Program usage

The program is exclusively intended for judo federations with desire that all competitions according to the judo federation calendar use our program, in order to have accurate statistical data about each competitor.

Easy To Use

We have made detailed instructions on how to use the program, we are at your disposal for any questions.


In addition to the program for judo competitions, we are also working on the official website. All results will be available on the site immediately after the competition.

Ranking list and statistics

With the help of our statistics and rankings, you will have a clear preview of the categories and competitors.

24/7 Support

If you have additional questions, contact us. Read more about our work here .

Program in action

In addition to the user panel through which coaches register competitors for certain competitions, draw programs, scoreboard, we also provide live results that are in real time.

Questions and answers (FAQS)

we answer your most frequently asked questions in order to explain everything about our program as precisely as possible

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Live results

You are interested in whether your competitor is wearing a blue or white kimono, whether there are more fights or whether he has won a medal. All you need to do is enter the site for live results that you can open from any device. Communication between results screen and the website is in real time without a second of delay and interruption. On the site for live results, in addition to the next fights, you can also see the profiles of competitors, results, draws, but also the total number of medals won by clubs.

Club websites

In addition to the judo federation system, we have also created a system for judo clubs. Absolutely everything about your competitors, achieved results, the position of competitors on individual ranking lists, but also the position on the club ranking list would be available on your club's website. The results are accompanied by profiles of competitors, statistics, photos, competition calendar, news, about coaches, about the club, about judo, etc. See the sites of our users:

Contact with us

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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